Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Peelle family photos from Heidi Heldt photography

Here are some of our fav pics from earlier this year...

NYC at Christmas time

The Bond Buyer's "Deal of the Year" award ceremony at the Manhattan Ritz Carlton

Rockefeller Center

Grace and Jake Richardson off on an adventure

Mom and Sam on the slide

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Trick or treating with the Governor and First Lady of IN

Trick or treating with the Kornases

Sam as Thing 2

Max as Thing 1

Thornhill neighborhood Halloween party

The Pittman Fall Party

Molly, Deb, and the littlest four

Florida vacation

Sam climbing the beach

Max and Owen

Beach baby Max

Sam with Chad George

In September, we traveled to Florida with Jeremy, Rachel, and Owen to introduce all of the kiddos to my grandmother, Moe. We had a great time in the surf and sand. Chad and Dallas George also drove down to visit for a day.

First day of preschool

NICU reunion party

Sam climbed into his stroller all by himself...

St. Vincent's NICU has an AWESOME reunion party for all of its former patients and their families. Grace became a whole new kid starting at this party. All of the sudden she was Miss Adventure, willing to try anything. We had a blast.

Happy 30th Birthday Molly!

To celebrate Molly and Rachel's 30th birthdays, Karen, Rachel and Molly took a roadtrip to Nashville for a weekend of spa treatments, shopping, and honky-tonking.

Children's Museum of Indianapolis